At Dandani Farms, best poultry practice is our key word. We work very hard to continuously improve our product quality and service delivery to our customers. We are committed to continuously satisfy our customers with quality product and services. Customer satisfaction is our goal.



Fully equipped first class 80% automated hatchery equipment in a very good and hygienic environment. Our Biosecurity compliance is our top safety secret, without that quality eggs will not be hatched. The success of our commercial farm operations is based on good quality chicks from the hatchery and that does not leave our well manned Breeder farm out of the picture.

Hatched eggs are placed in our semi-automated commercial broiler farm. Dandani Farms operates a semi-automated poultry farm operations basically to provide employment to the youths in our local communities and the country at large.

Super biosecurity is observed in all our operations – Chickens are reared in our broiler farm for 42-46 days before they are taken to the processing plant.



Chicken processing can never be better than what we do in our world class processing equipment. Every process is monitored by a quality assurance personnel and all necessary tests are conducted including water test. Hygiene is the second name given to our processing operations as any form of contamination will greatly affect product quality and operations. Certain terms/operations must be used or performed in chicken processing operations and they are:

  • Stunning
  • Killing
  • Bleeding
  • Scalding
  • Washing
  • Weighing
  • Packaging
  • Blasting
  • Chilling

The importance and use of water cannot be over emphasised. Water must be tested/clean and the hot water must be kept at the required temperature.This is very important to avoid skin peeling during scalding. During scalding, feathers are removed through a process called abrasion. After scalding while the chickens are still hanging on the line, the chicken goes through a process called evisceration where the intestines are removed, the head and feet are cut off and the chicken are properly washed.

Processed chicken are not allowed to stay on the packaging table for more than 20 minutes before going to the Blast freezer then to the chiller for proper preservation.



Nigerian Fluted pumpkin popularly known as Ugu:
Fortunately in poultry farming all bi products are utilized ,we use our poultry bi products as manure in our vegetable Ugu farm.
Our ugu farm provides employment mainly for the local women in all our host communities.
Well planted and nurtured with manure form our poultry farm.
The fluted pumpkin is a good source of protein and as such in a very high demand.
It is consumed almost in all homes in Nigeria and also can be used as a form of blood tonic when properly washed and squeezed for anaemic patients.
The Ugu plant serves as a good vegetable for most Nigerian soups.